Compass Test Scores

Compass Test scores are used in order to place students into classes. When you take your Compass test on the computer, you will receive your scores immediately after you finish the exam.

If you are below the cut-off score of your college’s Compass Test score chart, you may have to take developmental English or math classes.

Cut-off scores vary by college, so you should ask at the admissions office of the college you are going to attend to see what their cut-off scores are for the Compass test.

For example, some colleges require only that a student score 50% or higher on the math exam in order to avoid introductory math classes.

Other colleges have a tiered placement system. For instance, if a student has a score less than 60% on the reading test, the student will have to take “Fundamentals of Reading.”

If the score is between 60% and 80%, the student will have to take “Developmental Reading.” However, if the student scores higher than 80%, he or she will be placed directly into “Freshman Reading” and thereby avoid the two other remedial classes.

So be sure to inquire about the cut-off scores for your college before you take your exam.