Compass Math Test

The Compass Math Test consists of algebra problems in three areas: pre-algebra, algebra, and advanced algebra.  The Compass Test also includes problems in geometry and trigonometry.

The pre-algebra portion of the math test includes problems in basic numerical skills, such as fractions, decimals, using exponents, calculating averages, and basic operations with integers.

The Compass algebra test has algebraic problems that require you to substitute a value and make a mathematical calculation.  The algebra part of the Compass math test also contains problems with factoring, polynomials, and radicals.

On the advanced algebra Compass test, you will see math problems in functions, matrices, complex numbers, series and sequences.

For some example math problems like those that you may see on the actual Compass test in pre-algebra, algebra, and advanced algebra, please click on the Compass Practice Test link in our main menu.

The Compass test in geometry covers geometric concepts such as area, perimeter, volume, angles, and arcs for various geometric shapes, including circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.

For the trigonometry part of the Compass test in math, you will need to know trigonometric functions, identities, equations, and inequalities.

The materials in our Compass Practice Test also have samples for the geometry and trigonometry parts of the Compass Math Test.