Compass Test Locations

If you are looking for Compass Test locations, you should first inquire at the college that you are going to attend.

Ask at the college’s testing and placement office to see whether you can take the Compass exam at the college.

Colleges in many locations allow students to take the Compass Test on a walk-in basis if they are going to apply to attend courses there.

In other locations, colleges may offer the Compass Test by making an appointment 2 or 3 days in advance.

If your college does not administer the Compass test, you may want to look for an internet remote testing site administered by ACT, Inc, the trademark owners of the Compass exam.

The official site at the link at the bottom of the page has an interface that lets you search for a location by clicking on a map or typing in the name of the city in which you would like to take the Compass exam.

For national internet remote testing locations for the Compass Test, please click on the link below:

Official ACT Compass Site – Test Locations